Some history

Dangerfield Mills is named after one of the most famous and historic mills in Scotland. William Watson & Son established their facility in the early 1800s in Hawick — the traditional epicentre of the Scottish textile industry — where it was in operation for 200 years.
According to legend, it’s the place where the most Scottish of fabrics, tweed, was named …
We value heritage and history and are passionate about carrying the legacy of quality Scottish manufacturing into the 21st Century. As a nod to our historic namesake, we make bags and accessories that are constructed with care and fashioned from the finest materials, all products are handmade in our workshop in Glasgow.
We’re not interested in throwbacks though, Dangerfield Mills is for right here, right now. Freshness, functionality and durability are of paramount importance. These three things are the foundation of our approach and they inform everything we do.